Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Top 10 places I want to travel to

I love to travel. I love exploring and trying new things. I love taking pictures and experiencing different places and foods. The only other country I have been to is Canada (which is a given considering I grew up in a border town.) but I really, really want to travel the world someday! The top ten places I want to travel to (in no particular order) are:
1. France
2. England

3. Germany


4. Austria

5. Ireland
6. Scotland
7. Iceland
8. Switzerland
9. Poland

10. Sweden

So basically, I just want to travel to every country in Europe! Hopefully someday I will be able to see all of these places! 
Where would you like to travel to?


  1. Those places all sound wonderful! I hope you get the opportunity to travel to those countries and more!

    1. I hope so too! It would certainly be an adventure!