Monday, December 17, 2018

Recent Purchases 2

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AE Ahhmazingly Soft Hoodie: I got this hoodie as a birthday present and it really is amazingly soft! The emerald green is one of my favorite colors (and it's also not a color I see very often!) so I was really happy to receive it! The length is just right too. If you're looking for the great cozy hoodie, this one is pretty close to perfect!

AE Plush Jegging Crew: This top is also incredibly soft and cozy. The length is great and is definitely one of those kinds of tops you could dress up or dress down.

Columbia Splash A Little II Rain Jacket: I really really like this rain jacket! This was another birthday present and one I had really been hoping to receive! I really needed a rain jacket, one that is actually waterproof. While I really like my North Face jacket, that's only water resistant. And while that is fine most of the time, there are times I really need to have something I know is going to keep me dry. And this jacket fits the bill! It's long (which I really like) and fitted in the waist (which I like even more!). I am all about clothes that are fitted as who wants to look like they're wearing a bag? This jacket is not lined with fleece or anything, so it will be fine in the spring as well. But I always like to go a size up in coats so I can wear layers underneath.

H&M Fitted Blazer: I ordered this blazer on black Friday so I was able to get a great deal on it. I think I paid only $25 for it. I've wanted a blazer for a while, and while I didn't really want to spend the money on it right then, I knew $25 was the cheapest I was ever going to be able to get a decent blazer for! H&M sizing is always weird, so I did have to go a size up on this. But overall it's a nice blazer. There is also lots of options on colors too.

Amazon polka dot dress: I've talked about this dress before and it is probably my most favorite dress I've ever owned. I wore it so many times over the summer! I like the classic print, the fit is great, the length is perfect, the price is reasonable at just $20, the fabric is soft, and it has pockets! You really can't go wrong with this dress! In fact, I've asked for another one for Christmas in a different color!

Luxe Floral Swing Tank for Women in Black Floral and Luxe Floral Swing Tank for Women in Cream Floral: I purchased these tops on cyber Monday and I'm pretty happy with them. I don't typically wear tank tops, but I liked the print and the jersey-like material is quite nice. They are a bit more loose and flowy than on the model, but they still look pretty nice when paired with a cardigan. They're also long too which is nice. 

If you haven't noticed I like longer tops! I hate anything that is cropped or sits right at the waist. I'm 5'8", which isn't super tall but is taller than average and I quite often have trouble finding tops that aren't short on me.

Have you purchased any new clothes lately?

Friday, December 14, 2018

Five for Friday

Hello and welcome to my Five for Friday! I am linking up with Bright on a BudgetDella Devoted, and BYBMG!

1. We got a record breaking snowfall on Sunday! My family likes the snow so we were pretty excited about it! It was actually the most snow this area had received in December in over 100 years! I think we ended up with somewhere between 7-8". We went for a walk in the snow while it was snowing and everything looked so pretty!
2. Earlier this week I picked up my Sephora birthday gift. I like Bite Beauty items, so I was glad to get the birthday gift!
3. On Wednesday we baked a lot of cookies! I made sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, and peanut blossoms, and my mom made some brown sugar and cardamom snickerdoodles! 
And then we decorated them on Thursday. My sister decorated the Captain America, Iron Man, and Spiderman cookies. And in case you are wondering, yes, we DO have ninja cookie cutters!
4. This super creepy doll listing came up while I was on Facebook! I don't even know why someone would want to buy those! It's not even necessarily the dolls, but the way this person took the picture just makes them look extra creepy!
5. Just in case you missed it, on Monday I shared a Currently post and then on Wednesday I shared some pictures of some of the birds I've seen in my backyard!
Hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Backyard Birds

My dad had filled up some bird feeders in our backyard a month or so ago and we hadn't really seen many birds around...until we got some snow this past weekend! Now we have seen SO many different kinds of birds!

I've never seen so many different and colorful birds until we moved to Virginia. We've seen Eastern bluebirds, sparrows, cardinals, woodpeckers, chickadees, and so many more!

We have a sunroom at the back of our house which is a great place to sit and take pictures; so here are some of the ones I got. 

And I also have some cute squirrel pictures at the end too!
 I think this squirrel was praying for the snow to stop! And then maybe doing some yoga stretches?
We also have this cute couple who live in a tree. I've never actually seen a tree hollowed out like that in real life. I mean, in Disney movies woodland animals always live in hollow trees, but it's not something you ever really see. But I guess sometimes animals really do live there! 

I think these two were debating about whether or not they wanted to go out in the snow.

Monday, December 10, 2018


Working on - So many things! Blogging-wise, I have some posts I'm finishing up on. I actually planned out the entire month and now I just have to finish those posts. It's been quite a while since I've done that so I'm really going to try to stick to it! 

Besides blogging I've been working on Christmas stuff. I baked sugar cookies yesterday, we've decorated the house, I've wrapped presents, and I still have to wait on one item because I had to reorder it because I received the wrong thing.

Needing - I need to go to Target and Trader Joe's, but with the record breaking snow we got yesterday I'm going to have to wait a few days to go shopping! 

Buying - I need to buy some Christmas sprinkles. I made sugar cookies yesterday and my sister and I were going to decorate them today, but then I discovered that we don't have any Christmas sprinkles! There is a Walmart very close to our house, so we will probably venture out there to buy some today.

Looking forward to - Christmas of course! Although it's always kind of bittersweet. I look forward to Christmas and there is so much anticipation for the day, and then it's just over and you have to wait a whole year for it to come again!

Watching - The same shows as always: Dateline, Shark Tank, Madam Secretary, The Profit. We also started watching the holiday edition of Nailed It on Netflix and that has been pretty entertaining!

What have you been up to lately?