Monday, December 14, 2015

Harry Potter Happy Christmas garland

So I haven't posted a DIY project in quite a while, and when I stumbled across this tutorial, I knew I had to make it!

While looking through their instructions though, I thought it was crazy that they wanted you to hand write the letters. Yeah. Like that is going to turn out right! And theirs looked tacky because they traced the letters on the wrong side of the paper so you could see all of the pencil lines! So I thought I would make up my own tutorial AND I made you these nifty printable letters using this free font!

This is what you'll need...
-Thick scrapbooking paper (I thought the gold was pretty! But you could really use whatever you like.)
-Mini clothes pins (I bought those at Walmart for just a couple of dollars. They were with the scrapbooking stuff)
Start off by printing out the letters. I'd recommend using cardstock paper because it's thicker and easier to cut out and trace.
 I did end up needing the third piece of paper, I didn't realize until after I took this picture that I was short one "S". 

Just make sure when you trace the letters, that they're backwards, because you want the glitter side to have the letters facing the correct way.
Cut out all of your letters.
Then hang them up with the clothes pins! Super simple and fun! 

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