Wednesday, July 26, 2017

June Target Beauty Box Review

Masque Bar Soothing Sheet Mask: I did not like this mask at all! First off, I noticed it had an unpleasant perfume scent. This was also somewhat of a difficult mask to put on as it had a lot of weird cut outs and flaps all over (nothing like in the image!) And once it was on, my face felt like it was burning. Needless to say, I ended up taking it off pretty quickly!
Hawaiian Tropic Island Sport Sunscreen: I haven't tried this yet, but Hawaiian Tropic is usually a pretty good brand so I imagine it will work!

NYX Gotcha Covered Concealer in Medium: This color was way too dark for me and the formula was really thick and gooey. It seemed to have okay coverage, but since it was so thick it just didn't blend well.
john frieda beach blonde sea salt spray: This did absolutely nothing for me. I followed the directions exactly and I just didn't really get any curl. Immediately after spraying it on, I had a little bit of wave, but as soon as it dried it kind of straightened out. The scent is okay and it didn't leave too much of a residue. But unfortunately this just didn't work for me. 

The directions say to use it on dry hair, but maybe it would work better with wet? Then again, it says its for beach blonde, and I'm not blonde, so maybe that was the problem! ;)

Schick Hydro Silk Women's Razor: This razor is pretty nice! I didn't feel the razor blade at all (Since we've all used crappy razors that feel like they're scraping your skin off!) It literally glides across your skin and the moisturizing strip left my skin feeling soft and smooth. Probably my favorite product in this box. Especially since good razors are expensive (but worth it!) and it's nice to get one practically for free!
Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Clad in Plaid: This color is pretty bright for my liking. I have used Sinful Colors nail polish in the past and liked the formula, but I will probably pass on this shade.

Aussie 3-Minute Miracle Treatment Conditioner: This is a product I am already using and I really like it. It does a great job giving my hair moisture and leaving my hair feeling smooth and soft. The only negative is the scent it a little strong. So if you are sensitive to smells you might want to smell it for yourself in store before buying. But otherwise I definitely recommend it! 

Have you tried any of these products? Are there any you would like to try?

Monday, July 24, 2017


Working on - I've been working on the blog itself lately. I've got several posts scheduled and I've been working on a bunch of posts as well! I also added a shop feature over on the sidebar, and I just need to update my about me page then I should be done for a little while!

Looking forward to - Going to Washington next month. I always look forward to seeing my grandparents, and I'm really looking forward to some cooler temperatures! 

Watching - I've been watching America's Got Talent, Dateline, and Broadchurch.

Reading - I just started Every Deadly Kiss by Steven James.

Trying - To find some different dinner recipes. I'm kind of tired of my usual recipes. I made some chicken, black bean, and corn quesadillas last night for dinner and they turned out pretty good!

Needing - To finish up the scrapbook I've been working on. I actually got two pages done this weekend! Which is a lot for me lately. I haven't really done much on it in quite a while.  

Wishing - Summer was over. Or at least the hot weather part of it! 9:00 here and it's still over 90°! It's just so annoying when it's too hot to do anything.

What have you been up to lately?

Friday, July 21, 2017

Five for Friday

Hello and welcome to my Five for Friday! I am linking up with Cup of Tea Bright on a BudgetDella Devoted, and BYBMG!

1. My sister and I finally went and saw the Wonder Woman movie earlier this week. I'm not really into super hero movies but I thought it was pretty good. Have you seen it?

2. We had some fresh strawberries so yesterday I made a white almond cake and some whipped cream to eat with our strawberries and it was so good! I had never made this cake in a bundt pan before, and it came out kind of dense, but still really good! 

We were going to do strawberry shortcake, but I couldn't find any of the little cakes and the biscuit ones just didn't sound that good, so I just decided to try the almond cake. 
3. I picked up this body wash earlier this week and it smells so good! It kind of reminds me of those gummy peach rings.
4. We had a very rude wake up call Wednesday morning when our smoke alarms went all Stranger Things on us. Now, let me preface this by saying that I knew there wasn't a real fire or anything because the alarm wasn't exactly going off per se, it was like one would go off after the other until they would all be going off and then stop for a few seconds, and then they would go off again, and then stop. 

It just wasn't making the same noise it makes when it's actually going off, and it wasn't beeping like it does when the batteries are dying. It all lasted for like 10 minutes and then stopped completely. It was super weird! 

We walked all around the inside and outside of the house, and my brother even brought the ladder upstairs and checked in the attic just to make sure there wasn't anything up there that was setting it off.

So, unless someone from the Upside Down was trying to contact us, I don't know what happened. And it totally felt like the below gif!

5. In case you missed it, I shared a review of my June Ipsy glam bag and a post with some cute squirrels!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Squirrels! Part 2

Click here to see my first series of squirrel photos.

You may remember my first series of squirrel pictures, where we had a full sized squirrel, but now we have baby squirrels! Or at least kid-sized ones! They were pretty cute and I couldn't help but take a few pictures of them as they were pretty entertaining to watch! 

The mom squirrel would usually sit on top of the fence and watch the little ones from up above since they dart around so much! I imagine that was a lot easier for her!

Anyways, I got a few cute pictures and thought I would share!