Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Some Scrapbooking

It's been over a year since I shared any scrapbooking pages, so I thought that since I just finished an album that I would share some of my pages!

I've added links to the corresponding blog posts so you can see more pictures/full size pictures!

Monday, September 9, 2019

Recent Purchases 5

Women's V Neck Button Down Skater Dress with Pockets: I had been looking for a dress like this for quite some time and was pretty happy to see it on Amazon! I've had not the greatest luck with ordering clothes from Amazon. I bought this polka dot dress a while back and I still really love it (I wear it quite often!) but besides that, I've ended up returning most of the clothes I've purchased from there. So I was cautiously optimistic about this dress. Luckily for me I ended up really liking it! It fits great, the fabric is stretchy and light (but not too thin), the length is great, and since the buttons are non-functioning, you don't have to worry about gaping! It also has pockets!

Paper-bag Skirt: I typically have trouble finding skirts I like. They are always too short or too long or the waist fits weird, but despite that, this paper-bag skirt fits great! I like the buttons and the tie waist. The top half of the buttons are non-functioning, but the bottom half of them can be unbuttoned. It's kind of a midi length, so from about the knee down the buttons can be unbuttoned. Anyways, I really like it!

Dress with Buttons: I really like this dress and how it fits, but unfortunately I haven't had a chance to wear it yet!

Juniors' SO Perfect Tee in Ditsy Red: I picked this top up while at Kohl's. I don't go into Kohl's very often, but I was there with my mom and happened to walk by this. I always like a good floral print, and while the material is pretty cheap, I paid less than $10 for this top so even though it isn't the greatest quality I like it.

Aerie Move High Waisted Moto 7/8 Legging: I've been eyeing these leggings for over a year but just couldn't justify the price. I'd even tried them on in store several times to make sure I really liked them. They'd go on sale from time to time but I just felt like the quality didn't justify the price. Finally, I saw these for 40% off, plus I had a $10 Aerie reward so I had to get them! 

Aerie Distressed Boyfriend T-Shirt in Royal Palm: I'm still a little unsure about this shirt. The color isn't too bad, but the fit is kind of not what I was expecting. I probably should have sized down on it, so the one I ordered is a bit too big. Otherwise, the material is SO soft!

Aerie Distressed V-Neck Boyfriend T-Shirt in Somber Navy: This t-shirt is a bit longer than it seems. It runs big, and I did order my normal size (only because I was hoping it would be long enough to wear with leggings.) otherwise ordering a size down worked too. I like the fit and the V-neck isn't too deep.

Have you ordered any new clothes lately?

Friday, September 6, 2019

Five for Friday

Hello and welcome to my Five for Friday! I am Linking up with Bright on a BudgetDella DevotedBYBMG and Andrea!

1. I was at Kroger last week and picked up these pretty flowers! They had several pretty bouquets, but I really liked the color combination of these. 
2. My mom's birthday was last week and I made this funfetti cake for her! I used this recipe for a 6in cake, but substituted 1 whole egg + 1 egg white instead of 3 egg whites and added about 1/3 cup of sprinkles. The cake was so good and my mom really liked it! Since it was just the two of us, the 6 in size was just right!
3. Did you know that the newest season (season 10) of the Great British Bake Off is on Netflix? They're airing a new episode each week (the same week it airs in the UK). My mom and I are big fans of the show and are looking forward to watching it tonight! And if you've never watched it, YOU NEED TO! It's so good.
4. So a couple of weeks ago I was in the kitchen rinsing out a glass at the sink and I looked up and saw this frog staring in the window at me! He was just sitting there on the window ledge, staring into the kitchen. He sat there for a really long time.

And then the next night he was on the window! We haven't seen him again, but it was kind of odd to see a frog on the window like that!
5. In case you missed it, on Wednesday I shared my August Photo A Day pictures!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

My August 2019 Photo A Day Pictures

The theme this month was food! Which, for some reason, was really difficult for me! I think mostly because I am not one of those people who always has their phone on them. So any time I was in the kitchen cooking or baking, I'd make something and then forget to take a picture of it.

Also, our kitchen has terrible lighting. Like, even on a really bright sunny day I still have to turn the lights on because it's so dark you can't really see. There's one overhead light and any time I do take pictures there's a glare.

This isn't my favorite month of pictures, but I did the best I could!