Monday, October 31, 2016

Fall Colors

I've always loved all the autumn colors, and there is a tree on the edge of our neighbors backyard that is huge and hangs partly in our yard that is just so pretty I had to go out and get some pictures of it! 

The tree is bare now, so I'm glad I took these when I did! I'm not sure I've ever seen a tree that had all the colors at one time! Red, orange, green, yellow. 

And the weird part was that it started changing color on one side and gradually moved from right to left.
These last two pictures of the yellow tree were from a walk in our neighborhood. I did take these on my phone (well, my mom's because I'm probably the only person who doesn't carry their phone around all the time!) so that's why the quality isn't the greatest. But I didn't do any editing on them, that's how vivid the sky and tree really looked!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Five for Friday

Hello and welcome to my Five for Friday! I am linking up with Cup of Tea Bright on a Budget, and  Della Devoted!

1. We got a little storm earlier this week which resulted in a neat rainbow! The picture doesn't do it justice because it was so bright! The colors were all so vivid! I love a good storm and it's kind of disappointing that we don't get many here. And the ones we do get last maybe 15 minutes and it's done. Certainly nothing like a good Western Washington storm!
2. I made some lemon curd earlier this week. I really like lemon curd and while I've bought it in the past, I prefer to make it because I like mine more tart than sweet. I used this recipe. I've you've never tried it you really should! Trader Joe's has a lemon curd that isn't too bad. Not as good as homemade, but not too bad either! I like mine on scones and pancakes. In fact, I don't even remember the last time I used syrup on pancakes! But maybe I'm just weird ;)
3. On another note, for some reason the blogger photo uploader is adding a weird bubble to the middle of my pictures? I've never had that happen before. It's really annoying because I like putting the photos together in Photoshop before uploading them here and then I don't know what happens after it's uploaded. Has anyone else had that happen? This is the first time it's done that.
4. Do you have any plans for Halloween? Or do you have any Halloween traditions? We don't really do anything except carve pumpkins and I'll usually make Halloween cupcakes or something. We haven't even bought pumpkins yet! Although I'll probably do that today. It seems weird that October is just about over and it's almost November!

5. I didn't get any posts up this week, I didn't have a lot of time and it was nice to get a little break! Although I did work on some pictures and stuff for some upcoming posts. So check back on Monday for a new post!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Five for Friday

Hello and welcome to my Five for Friday! I am linking up with Cup of Tea Bright on a Budget, and  Della Devoted!

1. My mom has been reading some of the Agatha Christie books, and earlier this summer my mom and brother went and saw the play And Then There Were None. I was looking for some Agatha Christie series to watch (unfortunately Netflix and Amazon Instant Video didn't really have anything) and saw that the library had the BBC version of it, so I put it on hold. I didn't really know anything about the story, just what my mom had said, but after watching it it was really good! Kind of a creepy story, but really well done. BBC shows are always good, so no surprise there, but it was just a really well done show! Unfortunately it's not available through Netflix or Amazon Instant video, but if you can find it it's worth watching!

Also, it's kind of weird actually checking out a DVD. Who does that anymore? Haha!
2. Early voting opened in our state, so my mom, sister, and I voted. I'm glad to have it done as this has been an insane election season and I just want the whole thing to be over with. I've stayed out of saying anything because people are SO opinionated and I'm tired of all the hate and fear-mongering going on. And while we all might not agree on politics, I do think this is something we can all agree on... 
This made me laugh. Calliou is just the worst!

3. Our neighbors brought over some fresh tomatoes and a couple onions from their garden earlier this week, so I decided to make some salsa. We don't really eat tomatoes themselves, but we all love salsa! I sort of followed a recipe but mostly just tossed stuff into the food processor. It tasted pretty good when I tried it, but I know it will taste even better tonight since the flavors have had time to blend together. 

So considering the fresh salsa, I'm making tacos for dinner!
4. I received my first Sephora Play! box yesterday. I'm excited to try my new stuff! 

I'm also interested in seeing how it compares with Ipsy. Has anyone tried both? Which one did you like better?
5. In case you missed it, I shared a review of the Herbal Essences Voxbox as well as a review of the September Love With Food box!
Hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

September Love With Food Box Review

Sandwich Crackers by Lance - I'm not a fan of cheese sandwich crackers, so I gave these to my sister. She said the cheese was good, but the crackers were just okay.
Orchard Bar - This was okay. It could have done with more berry flavor, but overall not too bad.
Caramel Apple Crisp Premium Puffed Corn by Cosmos Creations - I really wasn't expecting this to taste all that great, I mean, it's essentially caramel apple corn. Which just sounds really weird. But it actually didn't taste too bad! There wasn't really much of an apple flavor, but the caramel was nice. It wasn't sticky or too sweet either.

Vermont Uncured Pepperoni Turkey Stick - This was just disgusting. I like pepperoni, but I don't know if it was the turkey or the spices, but it was really gross.
Cocoa & Milk Classic Wafers by Loacker - This really didn't taste all that great. It had that flavorless styrofoam ice cream cone taste that just isn't all that good. Not really much of a chocolate flavor, and you couldn't taste the milk part either.
Organic Fruit Candies by GoOrganic (Mango and Watermelon) - The flavors of these weren't too bad. I don't really like hard candies, so I wouldn't go out and buy these, but they were okay.
Organic Gummy Cherries by Black Forest Organic - I really really liked these! As an adult, you don't typically go out and buy fruit snacks, but these were really tasty! I like that they're organic and made with fruit juice. Definitely recommend!

Bunches of Crunches Dark Chocolate Sea Salt with Chia Granola by Bakery on Main - I thought this granola was okay. Not the greatest, but not too bad. I really didn't taste any chocolate flavor, (like pieces of chocolate or anything.) Maybe more of a cocoa powder type of taste.
Overall this wasn't too bad of a box. The organic gummy cherries were my favorite. (They're available at Target!). And the rest of the stuff was just okay. With the exception of the turkey pepperoni stick which was just gross! 

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them?

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