Monday, May 15, 2017

Visiting the Myriad Botanical Gardens in Oklahoma City

Last month, my mom and I had to travel to Wichita, Kansas, for a week. We ended up flying in and out of Oklahoma City, since it was quite a bit cheaper than flying into Wichita. 

Our flight didn't leave until later in the afternoon, so we had to find something to do until our flight left. I was doing some searching online and came across the Myriad Botanical Gardens and thought we would check it out! 

They have a pretty big outside garden area, and even though we were there mid March, most of the flowers outside had already bloomed and died, so there wasn't too much growing outside. We had a really late spring here in the Northwest, so it was kind of weird to go there and see spring had already come and gone!

The weather was pretty hot and humid that day (I believe the high was 82 that day). We arrived in the morning and explored the outside area before heading in. 

Once inside, we spent a few hours wandering around and exploring. Luckily there wasn't too many people there, which made it quite nice for taking pictures!

The gardens had some water features, lots of orchids, and jungle type plants. Almost everything was labeled so you knew what type of plant everything was. They also had lots of different food plants: banana tree, mango tree, chocolate tree, coffee plant, etc. 

The garden isn't too big, and we spent around 3 hours there, taking pictures and walking around. If you weren't taking pictures, you could probably get through the place faster. I probably could have stayed a little longer, but it was just unbearably hot and we just couldn't take it any longer! 

Overall, my mom and I enjoyed the gardens! We didn't get a chance to explore any more of downtown Oklahoma City, so I don't know that I would consider this a 'must see' or anything, but we thought it was nice!


  1. Botanical gardens are so fun! You got some great shots!

  2. They really are! Thank you! :)