Friday, May 22, 2015

Five for Friday

Hello! I am linking up with Della DevotedCoffee With CaitlinCup of Tea and Bright on a Budget for another edition of Five for Friday!

1. While in Alaska, I picked up one of the Alaska Starbucks coffee mugs. My brother got me a Starbucks mug from Saarbr├╝cken, Germany and now I think I want to collect the Starbucks mugs. I have a bit of a coffee mug collection anyways, and I like to travel, so it makes sense for me to collect them! The inside of the mug is the dark blue seen on the mountain and the moose.
2. After much searching, I finally found a basic black dress. I have been searching for one to wear while in Europe, and I think this one will work out perfectly! I had seen it at Old Navy a while ago, but thought it looked kinda frumpy on the hanger. I was there earlier this week and saw it was on sale and decided to try it on. I was surprised to find it didn't look too bad! 

3. I finally got a hair cut this week. I've needed one for quite a while, so it was nice to finally get that done!

4. My cousin came this past week. We hadn't seen her since last summer, so it was so fun spending time with her! We spent a lot of time talking and laughing, which is always nice! :)

5. Would anyone be interested in doing some swap guest posting? If you're interested, sent me an email at! I would love to work with some other bloggers!

Have a great weekend!

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