Monday, May 25, 2015

Wasilla & the Iditarod Headquarters

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So this is the last post in my Alaska trip. 

My dad and I had planned on spending out last full day in Alaska by driving out somewhere. We figured we would go out to Wasilla, then drive somewhere else. 

My dad had had his follow-up surgery appointment but ended up getting sent down the the ER. So we spent the morning in the ER before my dad was released. Then we decided to just drive to Wasilla and back. 

The drive was pretty and the weather was great! Not too hot and not too cold!

The mountains were so pretty! I never get tired of mountains!
We decided to stop by the Iditarod headquarters.
As we were driving back to Anchorage, we stopped by a lake I had spotted on the drive to Wasilla. We stopped and walked around for a little bit before heading back to our hotel in Anchorage.

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