Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Portland Farmer's Market

On our way back from my grandparent's house, we stopped in Portland for the night. And on Saturday morning, we headed downtown to check out the Portland Farmer's Market.

The market was smaller than I thought it was going to be (it's the biggest one in Portland, so I guess I was expecting this huge place!), but it had a lot of different vendors and booths.
We (meaning my mom and dad!) ended up with a whole bag of stuff to take back home with us. Although we could have bought more if we didn't live so far away!

Anyways, it was a nice little place walk around before our long drive back home.
Also, I got a raspberry cinnamon roll at the market which was SO good! I never thought about adding raspberry to cinnamon rolls, but it was extremely good!

Do you enjoy going to farmers markets?

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