Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter recap

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? 

Saturday night my sister Hannah and I decorated our Easter eggs. I had wanted to do them earlier in the day, but we were gone most of the day and then I spent all afternoon cooking, so we didn't get around to dying eggs until 9 that night. Oh well! 
Yes, that egg on the bottom right is a Dalek egg. Hannah has been wanting to make a Dalek egg for quite a while. EGGSTERMINATE!!!
Hannah likes to do a character egg. She has done a sumo wrestler and Wario in the past. They're always pretty funny! 

Anyways, the next morning Hannah and I got Easter baskets.
 Yes, we had kind of a European candy theme this year! My basket is on the left and Hannah's is on the right.

We had breakfast and then headed off to church for the Easter service. Church was pretty good and we had to stop by the store on the way home because I forgot the cheese for my spinach salad. 

It rained off and on all day so we decided to try going for a walk once it stopped raining. It ended up raining a little bit again once we started out on our walk, but it was nothing us Washingtonians couldn't handle ;)

Once we were back home, I started dinner. We didn't have a big dinner, just chicken, spinach salad, deviled eggs, and a baguette. It was all very good if I do say so myself!
For dessert I made a chocolate pie. Which was also very good!

My mom and I ended the evening by watching some tv. 
Overall, we had a nice, quiet Easter.
Did you have a nice Easter? Did you do anything fun or exciting? 


  1. Sounds like such a fun Easter!!! Love the looks of those Easter baskets :) Hope you're having a great week.

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

    1. We had a very nice Easter! It looked like you had a good Easter as well!