Monday, August 24, 2015


Last month, my family made a quick trip over to Seattle. My dad had a doctor appointment with a specialist at the University of Washington concerning his aneurysm (more on that here.) So we went over and spent a day in Seattle, and then a couple days on the Washington coast at my grandparents house. 

From Boise, we headed to my grandparents house and then we drove the two hours from their house to Seattle for the day. We arrived at the University of Washington early because we wanted to figure out where we were going and make sure we could find parking and all that okay. It had been quite a few years since we had been there. 
Once we got my mom and dad settled in the waiting room, Hannah and I decided to go off and explore the campus. We weren't sure how long my dad's appointment was going to be, so we didn't want to drive anywhere. Which left exploring campus as our only choice.

We started off by heading across the street to Husky Stadium.
We then walked over to the campus. In the spring there are tons of cherry blossoms all around campus, I would love to come back then and see them all! 
My dad's appointment lasted a couple of hours, and basically they said they are just going to wait and see what happens. It's too risky to operate right now, and the doctor he saw is developing a stent since there isn't one that exists for this type of aneurysm. So my dad has another appointment in May to check the progress. 

Once we left the hospital, we headed down to Pike Place Market. Pike Place Market has always been one of my favorite places in Seattle. I really like all of the flowers for sale! 
We walked around Pike Place for a while, then headed to Renton for dinner at Panera before going to Ikea.
Ikea is definitely one of my favorite stores and we all picked up some great stuff! We spent a few hours there before driving back to my grandparents house. 

Have you ever been to Seattle?

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