Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Watching - The Voice, The X Factor UK, Shark Tank, and Hawaii Five-0. As far as new shows, I've been watching Designated Survivor and like that. And I've watched a couple episodes of Timeless which isn't too bad either. Is there any new shows you've liked?

Trying - To figure out what I need to get from Trader Joe's. I need to make a quick trip there today so I can get a few things. What are your favorite things to get from Trader Joe's? I could probably do a whole post on our favorites! Haha!

Thinking - About making this for dinner. It makes a lot, lasts a couple nights, and is just SO good!

Needing - To start buying some Christmas presents! I've bought two things, but need to get quite a few more! Have you bought any Christmas presents yet? Any ideas for a couple people (my dad and brother.) who are impossible to buy for?

Buying - Nothing really. I just bought a couple Kindle books. I usually prefer reading an actual book, but sometimes if I can find a book I want for $.99, I can't pass that up!  

Reading - I've been reading through Harry Potter again and am about halfway through the Half-Blood Prince. And I also just started Cunning Attractions by Christy Barritt. I've been reading that series forever and it's usually a quick, fun read. 

Working on - Some blog posts. I had planned on doing my Halloween recap (not that we did much.) but I didn't get the pictures uploaded in time. 

What have you been up to lately?


  1. Ugh, I need to do Christmas shopping too. I've bought five items...for three people. Two of which have not arrived yet. And one is a pair of socks. So I'm not doing too well. Haha.

  2. The Trader Joe's near us is always swamped, and the parking lot is doubly insane, so I avoid it like the plague! I honestly couldn't tell you one thing to get there (except for a shampoo that I randomly have, haha!)! And ugh Christmas gifts. I have one thing for a friend because I saw it and it was totally perfect. I have no idea what to get anyone else!

  3. How is Designated Survivor? It looks super interesting, but I haven't seen an episode yet. That Ravioli Lasagna looks so delicious! I usually don't buy any Christmas presents until Black Friday. You are so on top of things!

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  4. Haha! Christmas shopping can be so hard. I typically try to keep a list going on my phone throughout the year and every time someone mentions they like or want something, I try to remember to write it down. But no one in my family has mentioned anything! So you are not alone! haha

  5. Trader Joe's parking is literally the worst. I try to only go early in the week in the morning because that seems to be the only time where there will most likely be a place to park. There are just so many great things there I can't not go! Haha. I always think I'm going to randomly stumble across some great gift ideas but it never happens!

  6. I really like it! We were big 24 fans, and really like Kiefer Sutherland, so it's neat seeing him play a different role. Most of the cast is really good. There's a few little things that were kind of 'meh', but this latest episode was probably one of the best so far. You should check it out! The lasagna is really good and pretty quick to throw together! I ended up getting most of my Christmas presents last year on Cyber Monday, and I'll probably be doing that again this year! I'm not really a fan of crowds, so I typically skip Black Friday! Online shopping is more my speed haha!