Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Visiting Pike Place Market

One of our favorite things to do while in Seattle is visit Pike Place Market. Despite the fact that we've been dozens of times, it's still fun to walk around!
This is a picture of Seattle as we were heading downtown!
(You can kind of see the guy at the very top of the tree, at the second little bunch of greenery. And that's a police negotiator in the window on the left.)

The day we were in downtown Seattle also just so happened to be the day where the man in tree was making national (and surprisingly, international!) news. The parking garage we typically park at was right next to that craziness, so we took a look before heading over to Pike Place.

Once there, we stopped off at Le Painer for a snack. I got an almond croissant and a cafĂ© au lait (which was excellent!).

Once we got inside Pike Place, it was PACKED with people! Everyone must have been on spring break because that was the most crazy we had ever seen it.

I like looking around in Golden Age Collectables, but it was so crowded you could barely move. It was definitely disappointing not being able to look around like we normally do.
I did get to see all of the pretty flowers for sale, so that was definitely a plus! I always enjoy checking out the flower stands! It does make me wish I lived closer to Seattle and could buy the flower bouquets regularly. Those huge bouquets are only $10 - $15!

Once we were done there, we headed over to Bavarian Meat Products. It's a little German store that sells lots of German grocery items, as well as, of course, meats and sausages. There was some German beer my dad wanted, but they were out so we ended up with some Milka chocolate bars and my brother got some lunch, which he really liked.

We walked across the street to a little park so my brother could eat his lunch and I took these pictures of the waterfront and Puget Sound.
I ended up not getting as many pictures as I would have liked. Who would have thought that a Wednesday morning would be so crazy busy? 

Have you ever visited Seattle?

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