Friday, August 26, 2016

Five for Friday

Hello and welcome to my Five for Friday! I am linking up with Cup of Tea , Della Devoted , and Bright on a Budget!

1. It's been an interesting week! Last Saturday, my parents and I drove down to Salt Lake City to look at cars. We left at 6am (insert crying emoji. Why do people get up that early on purpose?) since it's a 5 hour drive one way.

Anyways, the first car at the first lot we went to ended up being the right car! It had the lowest miles out of anything we had looked at, super clean inside and out (with the exception of some scratches by the back bumper. But really not bad considering other cars we'd seen!) and my dad literally could not find anything wrong with it! We got a really good deal on it since it'd been on the lot for a while. I'm so glad to finally have that chore over and done with! 

This is just a picture I took on my phone when we were driving down. That's the moon with the sun coming up behind us. It was a lot more colorful in real life!
2. While in Salt Lake City, we made sure to stop at In-n-Out! In-n-Out and Jason's Deli are two or our favorite places and we always make sure to stop when we're near one! Unfortunately we didn't make it to Jason's Deli this time, but I'm glad we made it to In-n-Out!
3. In other adulting related news, I spent over an hour with USAA setting up my car insurance. Insurance is not a fun aspect of being an adult! But definitely not something you want to go without! I had my mom listen in to part of it because I wanted to make sure I did everything right! 

I had talked to a really helpful guy when I had called a couple weeks ago to get quotes, but since I didn't get the cars I had gotten quotes on, I had to start over. And I don't think the guy I talked to the second time knew 100% what he was doing.

So just a note, if you do talk to someone about insurance or whatever, make sure you get their name or extension so you can have them help you again!

4. Well, I finally stared watching Stranger Things on Netflix! I just finished the fourth episode, and. Just. Wow. It's definitely interesting, but so good! 

Could someone, without spoiling anything, tell me if the show explains everything in the end? Or is it one of those shows where you get a little information but have to wait until the next season?

And also, I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing the Jean-Ralphio/Steve Harrington resemblance! HAHA!
5. Yesterday was a long day at work, but it's a little more bearable when your boss brings everyone milkshakes!
Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. My mom uses a broker from my tiny hometown for her insurance, so we went that route for our cars and our house (and they were able to bundle it!) and it was SO NICE. I always thought a broker would make it more expensive or something, but it wasn't! (But I don't know anything about USAA so that might not be an option there!) It is still working with the same person though, so I think that's key!

    There are so many things I'm watching/wanting to watch on Netflix and so little time! Ugh! I want to watch Stranger Things!