Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Target haul

So I ended up at Target several times within the last week, so I thought I would share some of the fun things I picked up!

The Dollar Spot, of course, is always great! I really haven't bought anything from the Dollar Spot in quite a while, there just hasn't been anything I liked. But last time I found quite a few things! 
(Unfortunately, Target does not list their Dollar Spot items online, otherwise I would like to them!)
 I bought this memo board from Ikea and needed some magnets for it. These are perfect!
I use washi tape all the time for scrapbooking and crafting, so it's always nice when I can find it for cheap! Some of them can be pretty expensive!
I had found some of these baskets in the Dollar Spot a few months ago and I really liked them. They're pretty good sized and they fit perfectly on my desk and book shelf. I had wanted to buy a couple more but I hadn't seen them for a while so I was happy to find this one randomly down by the home stuff!
 It's hard to tell in the picture, but this shirt has little birds on it. I just thought it was really cute! I just like stuff with birds for some reason, so I couldn't pass it up! And it was $9, so it's a pretty good price too!
I wear cardigans pretty much all the time! These were on sale last week so I made sure to pick up a couple. They're heavy enough to keep you warm but not too thick either. Now if only it would cool down enough to be able to wear them!
Since I recently got a new car, I thought it would be a good idea to get a first Aid Kit  for it. This one was only $9.99 and has over 125 items in it. It has full boxes of bandaids, and those alone sell around $4! This just has a lot of great stuff and I would definitely recommend it! I hope I don't need it any time soon, but it's definitely a great thing to have!
I bought the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist deep conditioner a while ago and really liked it, so I thought I would try the 3 Minute Miracle Soft! At around $3, it's a really great product!
I only bought these Goldfish Crackers because I wanted a snack!
And last but not least, I bought these Command hooks. These are SO handy! We are renting right now and these are so nice to be able to hang things up without damaging the walls! We use these all over our house and they are just so nice. I could do a whole post on uses for Command hooks!

So that's it for my Target haul! What have you bought at Target lately? Any new or exciting products?


  1. Love those adorable magnets, notepad, and basket! And THAT BIRD SHIRT! I have always loved birds too. Gonna have to look for that one! I think I need a new deep conditioner...might have to try out Aussie!

  2. The bird shirt is on sale this week too! I think they're like 2 for $15 or something like that. You should try the deep conditioner! I had heard a lot about it but wasn't expecting much considering how cheap it is, but it actually works pretty well! I have pretty normal hair (neither dry or oily) so it works good for me!