Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Camelsback Park Hike

Last week, my sister and I drove out to Camelsback park for a hike. The weather was unusually warm for November, and it was (obviously!) very sunny!

There was almost no one on the trails, which was nice. And also just the way I like it. It's super annoying dodging lots of people! 

Anyways, Hannah and I had noticed that it looked like part of the trail up the hill was blocked off, but we weren't sure if the trail itself was still open or just parts around it, so we hiked up the hill anyways. We only made it about halfway before the trail was closed. So we hiked back down and wandered around on some trails back behind the hill.

We had never been on these trails before, so it was neat to be able to explore there. There was also lots of trees with some colorful leaves everywhere.

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