Friday, January 6, 2017

Five For Friday

Hello and welcome to my Five for Friday! I am linking up with Cup of Tea Bright on a Budget, and  Della Devoted!

My first Five for Friday of the new year! I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years!

This week was pretty uneventful, so there wasn't too much to talk about today!

1. Well, first thing, I have a new blog layout! If you're new around here, you probably didn't notice, but if you've been here before, I hope you like it! 

I had the previous layout for over a year and figured it was time for a new one! It took me a little while to get it all put together, but I'm happy with how it turned out!

2. We have gotten so much snow this week! We have over a foot! Which is pretty rare around here. Apparently the last time it snowed this much here was in the 1980's. So it's been pretty crazy! Especially since they don't plow the streets around here. So our street has over a foot of snow in the street

Luckily for use, I have an SUV and my mom has a Suburban, so we have been okay. But my brother has a car and there is no way he is getting out of our driveway! And we've seen probably close to a dozen people get stuck in the snow. Including the mail truck on Wednesday. They didn't even deliver mail yesterday. So that postal service slogan about neither rain nor snow stopping them is not true! (Not that I blame them. I wouldn't want to be driving around in this either.)

This was after just getting started on shoveling the driveway. We have a huge berm (one part probably around 4 feet tall!) along the driveway from all the snow we've shoveled!
3. And then this morning was pretty cold! Just planning on staying home and inside today!
4. I did absolutely nothing on New Years Eve. I didn't even stay up until midnight. I always feel like I should do something. But then another part of me really doesn't care haha. Did you or do you do anything fun on New Years?

5. In case you missed it, I shared a Currently post on Monday!


  1. -6?! It's been like 13 in the morning and I can't deal. Ha! I am not used to it being under 20 degrees!!! The snow is so pretty there!

  2. Oof, -6! That is ROUGH. I think the coldest day here so far had a wind chill in the minuses, and I was ready to cry. We got some snow this weekend, but it was only a few inches, thank god. I'm not emotionally prepared to deal with a foot of snow, haha! And my car is pretty tiny, so I may be legit unable to drive in it! I don't know if you watched Hey, Arnold! as a kid, but your bit about the mail made me think of this:

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  3. Yeah, it's been pretty chilly around here! It definitely helps to wear lots of layers! And I love how pretty everything looks with snow on it!

  4. It is! I try to avoid going outside if I don't have to. We didn't have any wind, but wind does make a the cold feel so much worse! I did watch Hey Arnold! I haven't watched it since I was a kid, but that clip was funny! I'm pretty sure that is how our mail carrier felt. The mail truck was stuck in the snow for like a while before some guy in a truck came and towed them out, and then a lady tried to go around them and got stuck and then the guy had to push her out haha.