Friday, July 7, 2017

Five for Friday

Hello and welcome to my Five for Friday! I am linking up with Cup of Tea Bright on a BudgetDella Devoted, and BYBMG!

1. Last weekend we decided to drive up to Stanley, Idaho. We had considered going to Sun Valley, but after looking at Google Maps, decided that Sun Valley wasn't very pretty. Surprisingly, it is mostly just desert looking with some hills. While Stanley is up in the mountains (real mountains!). 

The road going up was not great. I believe my mom said it took us 3 hours to go 100 miles. I was too busy feeling nauseous to pay attention to the time. But let me tell you, it felt like forever and we couldn't get there soon enough!

Anyways, we finally found a place to park, ate some lunch, and went on our hike! It was a little over 4 miles round trip, so not too bad! The mosquitos on the other hand...they were awful! At least the view was nice! 

I'll have a full post about our hike soon!
2. Did you do anything fun for the Fourth? We barbecued hamburgers, and had a nice dinner. It was really hot here, so we didn't do anything outside. We didn't even go watch fireworks. The thought of sitting outside in the heat was not appealing! 

3. I picked up some cherries at Costco a little while back and let me tell you, they were SO good! Just had to share ;) 
4. My mom and I placed an order to Dorothy Perkins, and I got a couple of fun shirts! My wardrobe is mostly full of basics, (courtesy of H&M mostly) so I am always on the lookout for patterned tops. I usually go for florals or polka dots, so I was happy to come across these two! I had found another shirt, I had liked, but unfortunately it was out of stock! So I guess two out of three isn't bad!
5. The way our house is situated, I don't usually see much of the sunset, but I happened to catch this out the side window and had to get a picture! It just looked so pretty!
Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. That sunset photo is gorgeous! And the mountain shot is too. Although I'd have been panicked with all the mosquitoes! Sounds like a great week. Hope you have an even better weekend!

  2. WOW, those are some great views!! Although ugh to feeling nauseous en route. I can't really ride in back seats anymore because I start feeling nauseous, so I feel your pain! And I like the shirts you got! Cute patterns!

  3. I bought some cherries the other day as well. I'm going to make Cherry Ice out of it.

  4. That sounds really good! I'm always up for a cold treat in the summer!

  5. The view was really pretty! It almost made up for the nausea during the drive. Almost. ;)

  6. Thanks! Yeah, the mosquitoes definitely were not fun! I came home with 20 bites! I've always been a mosquito magnet. Anyways, the rest of the week was better!