Wednesday, July 1, 2015

London - Day 2

After breakfast, we made our way to Waterloo Station where we started our sightseeing at the London Eye. We skipped going on it, mostly because of the time it took and the line was quite long!
We then walked across Westminster bridge to see Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster. 
Westminster Abbey.
 Buckingham Palace.
 We weren't there during the "official" changing of the guard, but the queen did come in while we were there. 
 The flag on the left is the flag that is raised signaling that the queen is in.
 Looking down The Mall toward Buckingham Palace.
 Regent Street.
 Covent Garden.
 We had dinner at Shake Shack. It was SO good! Definitely recommend it!
Shakespeare's Globe theater.
 The Millennium bridge.
 On the Millennium bridge looking toward Tower Bridge (L) and the Shard (R).
 St. Paul's cathedral.
We stopped by St. Dunstan In The East, but unfortunately it was closed. But we did stop by another time!

By the time we took the tube back to the station we were staying by, stopped by the store and got to the apartment, it was pretty late. It was quite cold outside and the heaters didn't work in our apartment. To make a long store short, our apartment was a dump, among the fact that the lady who owned the place would not return calls and the heaters didn't work, there was a multitude of other problems with the place (mold and unsafe wiring being a few of the problems.) We were so fed up with the place that my mom ended up calling Airbnb.  

Fortunately for us Airbnb has excellent customer service! The lady from Airbnb ended up telling us it would probably be a good idea to leave the apartment (Which we were happy to do despite it being around 11:30pm.) She reimbursed us for our stay in the apartment, plus gave us money to cover a night in a hotel room. We were very thankful to have such helpful customer service! 

So we found a hotel a little ways away, packed up our stuff and headed out to the hotel. Unfortunately for the trip budget, the hotel was a pretty big extra expense. Even with the credit from Airbnb, it was way more than we would ever spend on a hotel in the US! But, it was very clean, the beds were pretty comfortable, the heaters worked, and they had a continental breakfast; so we were happy!

Check back next week for day 3 of our trip! 
Day 3 was spent exploring a very magical place ;)

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