Monday, July 27, 2015

Mont Saint-Michel and Dinan

We woke up early and drove out to Mont Saint-Michel. It took us about an hour and a half to get there from where we were staying in Vierville-sur-Mer. 

The French countryside is beautiful! We enjoyed the drive because of the scenery. Lots of neat little villages and rolling hills.

We were driving along when we came around a corner and then we saw it! I had always thought Mont Saint-Michel looked really cool and it was always somewhere we all wanted to visit.
We parked in a large parking lot, then took a shuttle to the island.
It was really windy when we got off the bus on the bridge. And the tide was out. I bet Mont Saint-Michel looks really cool with the tide in! Not that it's any less cool with the tide out!
 Mont Saint-Michel was very neat! We enjoyed walking through the town and exploring the island. There were lots of little shops and cafes to visit too! Definitely a place you should stop if you're in France! It's at the top of our lists as one of our favorite places we visited. 
As we were leaving Mont Saint-Michel, we spotted this store. We all like the St Michel cookies, so we had to stop! We ended up buying a lot of stuff! Cookies, Madeleines, and some butter caramel sauce. Definitely a great place to stop! (It's right by the entrance to the parking lot of Mont Saint-Michel.)

From Mont Saint-Michel, it was about 50 minutes out to Dinan. My mom and brother had read about Dinan online, and we thought we would check it out. It's a really neat old town.
We spent a couple hours walking around Dinan, checking out the little stores, and taking pictures (as well as stopping for some ice cream which was SO good!) before heading back to our apartment.

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