Friday, September 25, 2015

Five for Friday

Hey and welcome to my Five for Friday! I hope you all had a great week! I am linking up with Cup of Tea , Della Devoted Bright on a Budget and Coffee With Caitlin!

Sorry for the lack of blogging this week. The week has been pretty busy! Between work, errands, starting a church home group, and some other stuff going on, I just never got around to putting together a decent post. But I have some things planned for the next few weeks, so check back!

Anyways, on with the Five for Friday!

1. I decided to pull out the fall decorations earlier this week. Despite the fact it is still in the 80's here. Sigh. But, I'm going to do a post about our fall decorations next week!

Here's just a few of the things I have...
2. I finally got all of my pictures from our trip to Europe and some other summer stuff edited and sent in to Costco! It took SO long to do that! So here is what 441 pictures looks like. I am still going to have to sort through them and organize everything. That is going to take a while! 

And in case you didn't know, 4x6 prints are $0.09 at Costco right now since their photo center was down for so long. So if you have pictures to get printed, I'd recommend doing that soon! I believe the sale is good until October 7th. And the discount comes off once you get ready to place the order.
3. I made a pretty nice dinner last night if I do say so myself! I made a large batch of spaghetti sauce. I like having a large batch of something so it's easy to already have something ready to fix throughout the week. This is a recipe we've been using for quite a few years and it's always good! I also made a Caesar salad, which was quite good too! I made homemade croutons and used fresh parmesan.
4. I got my Hallmark ornament yesterday. Every year my mom buys my siblings and I a Hallmark ornament and this was the ornament I picked out. Hey, it's Harry Potter, I couldn't resist ;) Hannah got the same one. It even plays dialogue from the scene when Harry first goes through Platform 9 3/4!
5. We are a little excited that The Amazing Race is starting tonight! As well as Shark Tank and Hawaii Five-0. We watched Castle and The Voice this week too. I am already kind of tired of The Voice after two episodes. And I felt a little lost while watching Castle. I hope Five-0 won't be too bad! Sometimes it can be cheesy, but we like it anyways. 

Are you looking forward to any shows coming back?

Have a great weekend!


  1. You are quite the cook and your dinner looks so delicious. I've never tried making my own sauce before, but I found a crock pot recipe for it on Pinterest that I might try soon.

    My family and I used to watch The Voice faithfully every season, but we stopped watching it a couple of years ago. I was looking forward to Blindspot, Heroes and Minority Report which all started this week and now I'm waiting for the Walking Dead to start up next month. Most people are usually shocked that I'm a big fan of zombies, but I am... lol.

    Have a great weekend... :)

    1. Thanks! I really enjoy cooking! Well, most of the time ;) It was quite good! Spaghetti sauce is actually quite easy to make!

      Haha! It is always interesting to find out who likes to watch The Walking Dead. I have never seen it myself, but I know quite a few people who like it!

  2. Yeah, Castle was crazy this week. How many times can one of them get taken? And there's always some big secret. Oy. Here's hoping tomorrow's ep makes more sense!