Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Lake Cascade hike

A few weeks ago we drove up to Lake Cascade to go hiking. It had been quite a while since we had been hiking, so it sounded fun! Unfortunately, to get to any decent trails you have to drive at least an hour and a half away. 

We had a student from France staying with us for a few days, so we thought it would be nice to take him out and show him the area a little. 

We picked up some sandwiches for lunch and started our drive north. We stopped at one park and ate a picnic by the lake. The weather was nice by the lake - not too hot and not too cold. We had planned on hiking after lunch, but the park we were at was super smokey (there were some huge wildfires pretty close to us) so we drove a little farther and found this trail.  
Does anyone know what kind of bird this is? We were debating on whether it was an eagle or a hawk. It soared like an eagle, so we thought maybe a golden eagle? But I don't know for sure.
We only came across a few people, so we liked that it wasn't crowded, unlike the trails in Boise. The scenery was definitely nice too, although it would have been better without all of the smoke!
I think we would all like to go back up there sometime. 

Do you like hiking?

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