Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Recent Pinterest finds

I like to scroll through Pinterest every once in a while. Who doesn't? I pin a pretty random assortment of things. Here are a few of my most recent pins!
I thought this was a cute gift idea! Maybe for Valentine's day?

This one made me laugh!

I made this for dinner the other night with some orange chicken and it was SO good! Definitely will be making again!

I thought this was pretty funny!

I thought these trees in the fog were kind of pretty. Reminds me of Washington!

Quite the house!

I know it's a little late for Christmas (or really early?) but I thought this was funny!

Such a beautiful kitchen! And that stove! The hood! A real dream ;) I would love to have a gas stove again! I am convinced that glass top stoves were created by satan. I HATE the one we have right now!

Um. Yes. Especially considering where I live right now where it is apparently 'normal' to drive 10 - 15 under the speed limit for no reason! Plus the multitude of other stupid/dangerous things people seem to do here while driving!

I always forget how pretty wisteria is!

(You have to click on it to get it to work) This gif(insert crying/laughing face emoji) It's funnier the more you watch it!

What have you been pinning lately? Anything fun or interesting?
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