Monday, June 13, 2016


I always like reading other Confessions posts, so I thought I would give it a go!

//There are few things that irritate me more than people who use the merging lane to cut other people off. People do it all the time here and I HATE people that do it! It makes me angry every single time I see it. I'm sorry, I didn't realize the world revolved around you. Congratulations on getting two cars in front of me so we can then get stuck at the same light.
//I have a lot of word pet peeves. For instance, I hate it when people shorten words that aren't meant to be shortened. Like when people say/use words like sammie/sammy instead of sandwich, sis/sissy instead of sister, totes instead of totally, adorbs instead of adorable, you get the idea.

It also really annoys me when moms call their daughter "girlfriend" or "sis/sissy" or their son "brother". Your daughter is not your girlfriend or sister and your son is not your brother. I just don't get it.
//Long fingernails. Just. Ew. It really grosses me out! I don't know why, but seeing people with long fingernails is just disgusting to me. Even the sound of someones fingernails clicking on a keyboard makes me cringe. It's making me feel weird just thinking about it.
//Pattern mixing. Just. No. I don't get it. Pick one item as your statement piece and stick with it. Maybe it's just because I've watched way too many episodes of What Not to Wear, but you can start to look like a crazy person when you have too much going on.
//I spent more time trying to find the right gifs for this post than I did actually writing it. Heh. Well, the gifs kind of make the post am I right?
Hope you have a great week!


  1. The cutting off thing is SO frustrating. I've also never understood the moms calling their daughter 'sis' thing! That's the only one I've really heard, but I feel like I've heard tons of people do that. I don't get it.

  2. haha Finding appropriate gifs is the hardest part! Now that I'm driving, I get so annoyed with aggressive drivers too. Somebody beeped at me the other day because I didn't speed through an intersection and made them wait like an extra 20 seconds. I literally yelled, "Who is driving this car?!?" at no one, because I'm 80 haha.
    I do love the abbrevs, though, not gonna lie! There's this great moment in the show Happy Endings (RIP) where people are teasing this one character about abbreviating everything and she's shocked: "But everyone loves my abbrevs!!" That would not be you, ha!

  3. It is! Most of the roads around here always go from two lanes to one, so there are lots of areas where people do that. There's one road I have to avoid at rush hour because so many people do it and it drives me crazy!
    Yeah, it's super strange! I don't get why people say that either, I'm just glad my mom never said stuff like that! There's one blogger I follow who is always calling her daughter 'girlfriend'; to the point where she uses that more than the child's own name, it's so strange! I have to just skip it when I'm reading her posts! Haha.

  4. It is! It helps that there's a Parks & Rec gif for just about everything haha. I do the same thing! I always talk to the other drivers haha!

    It definitely wouldn't be me! Haha! If I know someone is just shortening words to be funny, it doesn't bother me too much, it's when people are totally serious and all "that's totes adorbs!" is when it really irritates me.