Monday, June 6, 2016

May Ipsy glam bag review

I was very disappointed in this month's glam bag. I really didn't care for any of the products. They were either products I don't use, things I have already stated that I don't want, or just products I didn't like. I did like the bag itself though. I liked the travel themed print and I wish, considering the travel theme, there would have been more travel themed products included. Just travel basics or something would have been nice.
Aurora Gel Effect Nail Polish in Safety Orange: I really hated the color of this nail polish! I received the color "Safety Orange" and it's so bright! It's more neon in person. It is definitely not for me! The formula seemed okay though. I would be open to trying another color from this brand, just one a little more subtle!
Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Caribbean Sun Bronzer Duo: My first impression was not great, and it went downhill from there. I disliked everything from the shade, to the formula, and even the packaging. The packaging looks cheap and like something a ten year old made in computer class. Not at all professional or high end. The colors had too much of a red/orange undertone and didn't go well with my skin tone. I don't use bronzer in the first place, and this just didn't work for me. I used the Luxie Beauty Tapered Highlighter Brush I received in the April glam bag and the bronzer dyed the white on the brush and I had a really hard time getting it out. Definitely not a great product and I would certainly not recommend it.
Vasanti Brighten Up! Exfoliating Cleanser: First off, the scent isn't too bad. Very subtle. I didn't find this to be anything exciting. I really didn't think it did a very good job exfoliating my skin. You know those memes that say "You had one job" and it's on a picture of someone completely screwing something up? Out of this month's glam bag this could have won the "you had one job" award. The micro-crystals or whatever was in this that was supposed to exfoliate just wasn't coarse enough to actually exfoliate the skin. The formula was too smooth and creamy. Had you told me this was a cleanser or moisturizer, I would have believed it. It just didn't do the one thing it claimed to do. 
Smashbox Cosmetics X-Rated Mascara: Oddly enough, the first thing I noticed about this mascara was the smell. It has a very strong odor! I've used a LOT of different mascaras over the years and this is the first one I've found that actually smelled. And it was not a great smell either! I can't narrow it down to what exactly it smelled like, it was just kind of gross. I didn't really like the wand either, the bristles on the brush were large and it was difficult to get close to the eyelash root. It did work well at making my lashes look fuller. I don't think I would go out and purchase this on my own, but it was okay.
Vera Mona Eye Smudger Brush: I don't really have much to say about this brush, just a typical makeup brush. Maybe I just don't know enough about different brushes, but this just seemed like any other brush I've used.
So overall this was definitely a disappointing month! None of the products were really standouts or anything interesting. I'm really hoping June's bag will be much better!


  1. So sorry that this was a disappointing bag! That makeup brush does look neat, though! Hopefully next time it will be better!


  2. I hope the next bag will be better too! I don't like giving negative review of things, but I guess I'm not always going to get a great bag of stuff!