Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day weekend recap

My dad was actually home for Father's day this year (with his work schedule, he's not always home on Father's day) so we made sure to plan something fun! 

For breakfast, I washed up some fresh berries and made a Dutch baby pancake. It was all SO good! I didn't get a picture because it was all gone before I could take one!

After breakfast, we had my dad open his presents. My dad is really hard to shop for, but we were able to come up with a few nice things.

My mom had read about a father's day event and vintage British car show at the Chateau des Fleurs in Eagle, ID, so we decided to go check that out. We had never been out there, (or even heard of the place) so we thought it would be fun to see what was there.
After looking at the cars, we walked through the chateau.
The chateau was really beautiful! Out of curiosity, I checked their website to see what the rates were to rent it for an event, but of course that isn't info they just list on their website! I'm sure it's quite expensive!

After walking through the chateau, we got some food. They had a couple different international meals, a German bratwurst, a gyro meal, and a French flatbread. My dad really wanted to try the bratwurst, so we ordered that and it ended up tasting terrible. 
Oh well. 

We left after eating and headed over to a park by the river and walked along the greenbelt a little bit.
We didn't walk for too long since none of us were dressed for walking on a dirt trail (we didn't know that the trail wasn't paved the whole way.) so we ended up heading home.

We just kind of relaxed all afternoon and then I fixed a nice dinner.
Steak, Caesar salad, and twice baked potatoes. And I made my dad's favorite dessert - lemon blueberry trifle! It was all quite good ;)

Overall, it was a pretty nice day and I'm glad we were able to spend it with my dad!

Did anyone else do anything for Father's day? And if not, did you have a nice weekend anyways? 

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