Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Watching -  Not a lot lately. We've really only been watching America's Got Talent and we've been re-watching some older seasons of The Amazing Race on Amazon.

Wishing - Summer would be over. Or at least the hot weather part of it. My bedroom is the hottest room in the house (it's at least 10°  hotter in my bedroom than the rest of the house. And as the person in the house who hates hot weather the most, it's miserable.) It's still supposed to be in the mid to upper 90's around here, so no cooling down anytime soon. 

Listening to - Mostly podcasts lately. I like this one and this one. I've also listened to a few episodes of this one, and it's okay. It's made here in Boise, so that's kind of interesting, but there are a couple things I don't really like about it. For instance, they have long pauses between segments, which is always annoying because I typically listen to it when I'm driving and it makes me think someone is calling me (I keep my phone on silent) or the podcast quit playing or something.

Music-wise, I have Pandora at work and typically listen to a couple different Florence and the Machine stations. Which mostly plays, of course, Florence and the Machine, but also a mix of Imagine Dragons,  Adele, One Republic, and The Killers. I also listen to a Def Leppard station. Because what can I say, sometimes you need some rock music ;)

Trying - I've tried a couple new recipes lately. I've made madeleines, and this cornbread recipe. I made it with buttermilk and without buttermilk (just regular milk with vinegar in it to mimic buttermilk.) and we liked it better without the regular buttermilk.

I've always been pretty indifferent to cornbread, but this recipe was really good! It will be great to have with chili in the fall!

Buying - Some new clothes! I've found some sales online and have picked up a few things lately. I also came across a great online store from the UK and was able to get some really great tops!

Have you heard of Dorothy Perkins? No? Well, you should check it out! I really liked their selection of clothes, and they had items in a wide price range. The quality of the piece I ordered were pretty great too. I would definitely order from there again! Although I would pay for shipping next time so I can track the package!

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Reading - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone illustrated edition. I got the illustrated version for Christmas last year (!!!) and have just now gotten around to reading it. I had looked through it a few times and I am still just so impressed by the artworks. It's so beautiful!

Working on - A recipe post for Monday! I'm actually quite pleased with my food pictures this time, and It's a recipe that is perfect for summer and one we make quite often! So be sure to check back for that!

What have you been up to lately?


  1. My room is the hottest in the house also, so I understand your misery. :) It has been 102 degrees lately where I live! Clothes shopping is always the best.


  2. You NEED to watch Stranger Things if you have netflix!!! And yay for good deals on new clothes!

  3. Ugh. Summer struggles. ;) I hate complaining about the heat, but it's just so darn frustrating! It is easy in the winter if you're cold to just grab a sweater or a blanket, but if it's hot there really isn't much you can do!
    Clothes shopping is certainly fun! Especially when you can find great deals or sales!

  4. Just added it to my list on Netflix! Thanks for the suggestion! It sounds really interesting. There are so many great end of summer deals going on right now!