Monday, August 7, 2017

Hiking in Stanley

Last month we made a last-minute decision to drive up to Stanley, Idaho to go for a hike. My brother and sister both had a day off, so it was the perfect chance to go! 

The drive up took us about 3 hours despite the fact it was only like 130 miles. The road was SO twisty and went up and down and there were spots where you would have to slow to 20 mph, and then speed up and slow down. Needless to say I was quite nauseous! And I was glad my brother was doing the driving! 

Once we finally started getting near Stanley, we were really surprised to find people everywhere! This was the weekend before the Fourth of July, but we had no idea so many people would be up there! After a bit of driving we finally found a spot to eat our lunch at the trail-head. 

We loaded up a backpack with some water bottles and set off on our hike! The hike was fairly easy but there was lots to see! We saw trees and mountains and wild flowers. We didn't see much wildlife except for a very excited chipmunk who chattered very noisily at us as we walked by! And we also saw a bunch of antelope on the drive back. It was all quite pretty! 

We eventually reached a clearing with kind of a swampy area, that signaled the end of that part of the trail. The view was pretty but the mosquitoes were TERRIBLE. Just awful. The closer we got to that marshy area the worse they got. So we didn't stick around long.

We turned around and started walking back to the car. It was getting  kind of late by the time we reached the car, so we drove around a little by the lake just to check it out before heading back home. We took a different route home, one that took us near Sun Valley, and that route was way less treacherous! I wish we had took that route up, but we didn't know.

Overall we enjoyed the hike and it was nice to get away for the day and see some nice scenery!

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