Friday, November 21, 2014

Five for Friday

Today I'm linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for Five For Friday.

1. I made a pretty awesome dinner earlier this week! I made BBQ chicken sandwiches and Kansas chopped salad. They were so good!
The only thing I did different with the croutons is I used Italian bread instead of ciabatta, and I used Italian seasoning instead of seasoned salt. I also omitted the hot sauce in the dressing and used a few different veggies in the salad. Overall, it was a great meal and everyone liked it!
2. I finally got a book I had been waiting for! It was released on November 1, but it was out of stock for a while. Then it came it stock so I quickly ordered it and then it got sent to the wrong address. So I called Amazon and they sent me a replacement, which ended up taking a couple of days to process. And then we got the snow last week which means delivery was delayed for 4 days (thanks FedEx. :/ ) And I finally got it on Monday! (I know book nerds like me will understand the struggle!)
3. I also made cookies earlier this week. Chocolate chip cookies are the best! Although chocolate chip cookie dough is pretty awesome too! ;)
4. I got my hair done this week. I went in to get a touch up on my color, but ended up with a full color. I like the way it turned out. It's pretty much the same as I had before. I also really needed a trim, so it was nice to get that done!
5. We have been watching a lot of Mork & Mindy lately. It is such a funny show! If you need a good laugh, I would definitely recommend getting it! Mork is just hilarious.
Have a great weekend!

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