Monday, November 10, 2014

San Francisco Part 1

Part 2 & Part 3

This week I am going to be sharing some pictures from the trip my brother and I took to San Francisco this past summer.

The reason we had to go to San Francisco was so my brother could get a student visa. In the fall, he was going to be leaving for France to go to school. Neither of us had ever been to San Francisco, so we were quite excited to make the trip! I spent hours online researching things to see and do. I put together a list with directions so we could get around easier. (I don't like relying on my phone to get around.)

Getting to San Francisco ended up being a little difficult! The plane we were supposed to be on ended up having problems, so we had to get off the plane and figure out another flight. Boise is a small airport, so there weren't very many flights going into Oakland (where we were staying and flying into.) and the flights that were leaving that day didn't get in until late in the afternoon! We really didn't want to miss out on a whole day of an already short trip! Lucky for us, my brother noticed a sign for another airlines with a flight into San Francisco. It was a direct flight and got us in earlier! We were able to make it onto that flight, but we still had to figure out how to get to Oakland so we could get our rental car. We made it into San Francisco okay (that is such a weird airport to fly into, it seems like you're going to land on the water!) Then we had to figure out how to take the BART to the Oakland coliseum where the rental car company said they would pick us up. The BART was creepy and noisy! We were glad to finally get to the coliseum bus stop. But, only then did we find out how very creepy it was there. We were exhausted, hungry and had to wait an hour for the rental car company to pick us up. We were SO grateful to get our rental car! It was a brand new car with only 2 miles on it! That will probably be the newest car I will ever drive. Haha! 
We stopped at In-n-Out for some lunch (yum!) and by a Walmart to get some water before heading to the ferry landing. The ferry ride was neat. I got some cool pictures of the Oakland Bay Bridge.
We arrived at the Ferry building, and we began walking along the Embarcadero.
My brother Michael and I.
The Transamerica pyramid.
View of San Francisco and the Transamerica pyramid.
Alcatraz. Michael and I really wanted to take the tour, but we just didn't have time. Hopefully I'll be able to someday!
We walked to Fisherman's Wharf next. We were going to walk around there, but it was so incredibly crowded with people we decided to skip it.
We walked up to Ghiradelli Square next.
The Ghiradelli store was really busy and crowded with people. It was really expensive too! We didn't buy any chocolate (it was like twice what you would pay at Target or any grocery store!)
We did buy this brownie sundae to share. It was pretty expensive for what it was. It did taste really good though! We sat along the bay at ate our ice cream before heading up the very steep hill to Lombard street. 
I didn't realize my directions were taking us to the top of Lombard street. (We came in the back way.) So we had to walk back down to get a picture of the street! But I did find those pretty hydrangas along the way!
There were people EVERYWHERE. That place is crazy. Michael and I felt bad for the people who live there, must be a pain to get in and out!
After Lombard street, we walked toward Coit tower.
I don't know what kind of flowers those are, but we thought they were pretty and stopped to take a picture!
The crazy stairs we walked down.
Found a police telephone box. I had to take a picture with it! (Doctor Who reference if you don't get it.)
The view from Coit tower. We didn't go to the top of the tower, we just walked around and took some pictures and left.
I thought the above flowers were really weird looking. Like something out of Dr. Seuss! I found out they are called showy honey myrtle or Australian shrub melaleuca nesophilia. (If you care to know.)

After we were done at Coit tower, we walked down the hill and back to the ferry building to have some dinner. My dad had just seen a list online of some of the best burger places in a America, and this place called Gott's was on it. Michael and I love burgers, so we thought we would check it out. I'm glad we did! It was SO good!
The prices were good, the staff was friendly, and the burgers and fries? Amazing! We were so glad we stopped by! Michael and I liked it so much we ended up going twice while on our trip! Definitely the best burgers we have had! If you are ever in San Francisco, check it out!
Once we were done with dinner, we got back on the ferry and headed back to our hotel room for the night. 

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