Monday, December 15, 2014

Birthday recap

Just posting a quick birthday recap! So I apologize if this sounds random!  

My mom bought me some pretty flowers :)

I opened presents later in the morning, I got some books, a photography backdrop (which I am excited to try out), some cooking stuff, as well as a few other random things. Which were all really nice! 
I talked to my grandpa briefly, and then we FaceTimed with my brother while I opened presents, so that was nice!
After presents, we went to Red Robin, but they were super busy and the wait was way too long, so we went to The Ram for lunch insted. That was find because I was able to order my favorite burger. Bacon and mushrooms? Um, yes! Anyways, we ate lunch, did a little shopping (I picked up a cute shirt) and we came home.
We had chocolate cake with oreos on top. Random side-note, I have had a chocolate cake every year for my birthday my entire life. My mom baked the cake and my sister decorated it (well, she crushed up the Oreos on top;) .)

Thank you to everyone who texted, posted on Facebook, or sent me a card. I really appreciate it! (I still have a couple more people to respond to, I'm not ignoring you, I promise!)

Have a great week!

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