Monday, November 30, 2015

Weekend recap/Shopping haul

Hello everyone! Not a lot has been going on around here lately! So sorry for the two week blogging break! I've been busy at work and then there was Thanksgiving; I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving by the way! We didn't do too much. It was just my parents, my siblings and I, so not too crazy! My brother had to work Thanksgiving day and Black Friday, so we were able to have dinner and pie before he went off to work. We did get some snow the day before Thanksgiving which has been nice! Although it has been SO cold here!

I have done a bit of shopping over the last couple of weeks and thought I would share some of the things I've bought.
I've been trying to find some Christmas stuff, but I just haven't seen a lot that I like yet! I did pick up this stuff from Target, all of which had pretty great prices!
Old Navy had their Friends & Family sale a few weeks ago (50% off your entire purchase) I had hoped to find a few things, but all that I was able to find that I liked was the cardigan and socks. So exciting, I know ;) It's really hit and miss for me there with their clothes, their tops are usually SO boxy (which I hate!) and they seem short a lot of the times. Anyways, I do like the cardigan because it has some interesting stitching along the shoulder seams and the back, which gives it a little visual interest. 
Aren't these cute? I picked these up at Kohl's for half off! I like little birds, so these were a great addition to my collection!
I also picked up this wreath at Kohl's from the clearance section for only $5! It was marked down 90% off and I think it will be great for spring!

We don't usually go shopping on Black Friday, but we did stop by a few stores this year. I get frustrated shopping on a regular weekend, so shopping on Black Friday seems crazy! But it really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Although there really wasn't any great deals (at least for anything I wanted)! I've always read that Black Friday doesn't have the best deals, except on a few select items, but whatever. It gave us something to do and my mom got some flannel sheets for my brother that were normally $100 for only $25 from Kohl's. That was definitely our best deal of the day.
I went into Sephora, and was disappointed that they had literally nothing on sale in their store; with the exception of a few $10 gift items. They had stuff on sale online, but I have heard horrible things about ordering online from them, so I'm kind of scared too! But this is what I did get. 

I've been wanting some red lipstick for a while, and I think this shade worked well for my skin tone. Not sure how often I'll get to wear it, but I figured it's a good thing to have! The nail polishes were $1 each in the clearance section. And while I already have a ton of shades of purple polish, I figured I could always use another!

The pink lip balm on the right is nice too. It was $8 (I was disappointed because it was only $5 online :/ ) but the shade of pink worked for someone pale skinned like me! haha It does have a bit of a strange berry flavor/scent.
I picked up these pants for half off at Old Navy. I bought a black pair about a month ago or so and really liked them, and have been waiting for these to go on sale again. I couldn't find them during the Friends & Family sale, so I was glad that I was able to get them during the Black Friday sale! Although all that is left online is one size. They are pretty comfortable!
We also stopped by Michael's. My mom wanted a garland thing, (which we weren't able to find) but I did get some more Christmas scrapbooking paper and some snowflake washi tape. You can never have too much washi tape ;) Okay, maybe you can, but I do use it quite often! And the snowflakes are pretty. I've been thinking about doing a December daily album, but I still need to find a list and get going on it if I'm going to do it since tomorrow is December 1st already!

We spend the rest of the weekend decorating for Christmas! We got a tree on Saturday and have been busy decorating! I'll share some pictures soon!

Did you have a good Thanksgiving? Or go Black Friday shopping? Were you able to find any great deals! Let me know!


  1. Great purchases, Nicole! I love that Old Navy sweater, but I pretty much love everything from Old Navy so that was inevitable. :)


    1. Thanks! They do have some pretty great stuff!