Friday, March 20, 2015

Five for Friday

Hello! How was your week? I am linking up with Della Devoted, Coffee With Caitlin, and Cup of Tea!
1. I am really not much of a shoe girl (I mean, I wear them of course, but I am not obsessed with shoes like most women are.) and I have wanted some Oxfords for the longest time. I was really happy when my mom came across these online and ordered them for me. They're really comfortable and I am excited to start wearing them!
2. So earlier this week I was making a shot of espresso with my espresso machine, when the filter portion shot off and soggy espresso grounds went everywhere! I have never had that happen before so it was quite shocking! I should have taken a picture, but I didn't have my phone nearby. My dad and I cleaned it all up and then my dad took part of the machine apart and cleaned that as well. It seems to be working as good as new now!

3. We went to Trader Joe's this week and I picked up these peanut butter cups. They are SO good! Better than Reese's Peanut Butter cups. The Trader Joe's one have creamy peanut butter inside which makes them so good!
4. We have had problems with our internet ever since we moved to Idaho. Which is really annoying. We got a new modem (or router? I don't know the difference.) but anyways, it is working better now  and I am very happy about that!

5. I hadn't painted my nails for a while, so I decided on a nice lavender for something springy. :)
Hope you have a great weekend! À bientôt!

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