Friday, March 6, 2015

Five for Friday

Hello! Hope you had a good week. I am linking up with Della Devoted, Coffee with Caitlin, and Cup of Tea!

1. My mom picked these birds up at a craft store for me this week. I am hoping to paint them this weekend! I think they will be really cute. 

2. I ordered this really cute dress from ModCloth; but unfortunately it didn't fit :( and now it's out of stock so I can't even get another size. I thought the print was really cute! 
3. Did anyone else watch Broadchurch this week? I thought the first episode was really good! I am curious as to what is going to happen this season. I really liked the first season and I heard that there is going to be a third season as well!
4. I grilled some chicken last night for dinner and made southwestern chicken salads. I've been trying to eat more salads lately and am always on the lookout for salad ideas. They turned out SO good!
5. I have a photography project I need to work on. I have been stuck on this assignment for a while and I have no idea where to go to get the pictures I need! It's been super frustrating. So I am hoping to get something figured out this weekend. 

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. I've got the BBC Broadchurch in my Netflix queue. Can't wait to start watching it! And that Modcloth pattern is so pretty - too bad it's sold out now. Do you have good luck with Modcloth and sizing? Haven't bought anything from them because I wasn't sure how the fit would be, but their stuff is adorable! Hope you had an awesome weekend! Thanks for linking up with us at H54F!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

    1. Well, I have ordered four clothing items from them (two dresses, a coat, and a swim suit) and I had to send both of the dresses back because they didn't fit. The coat and swim suit fit well though. So I am 50/50 with their clothing! It seems as though a lot of people leave feedback about sizing and quality, so I try to read through the comments to see how it fits. I'm not sure if I want to order a dress again! They do have free shipping if you return or exchange an item, so that is nice.

    2. I have a few of their home items and I really like those too!