Monday, May 16, 2016

April Target Beauty Box

Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation: This didn't work for me at all. First off, this is the darkest ivory I've ever seen! I have fair skin, and this was too dark for me. It also had a yellowish undertone which wasn't very flattering. And once it started to dry it looked flakey. 
That doesn't look creepy at all.
Laneige Water Bank Soothing Mask: Well, I've never tried a mask like this before, and let me tell you, it sure looked kind of strange! I didn't look as creepy as the person in the above picture, but I definitely didn't want anyone to see me with it on! It feels very slimy and was a bit tricky to get on because it kept flopping around, but once it was on it felt very cool (as in temperature wise haha!). It would probably feel very nice on a hot summer night! It was hydrating, my skin felt nice, and the mask had a pleasant scent to it. Not sure I would actually go out and buy another one of these masks, but it was great for a one time use.
Pantene AIRspray Hair Spray: I had actually been searching for an alcohol free hairspray, so when I heard Pantene had some, I really wanted to try it! Right before I got this one in the Target beauty box, I had purchased the same kind, but with level 3 hold. I did not like the scent on the 3,  it has a strong perfumey smell. I figured this one would smell the same, but it actually has a light, almost fruity scent. WAY better than the 3! 

It does spray kind of weird. Almost like it's too thick or something? Not a light, fine mist like other hair sprays. I really like that it is alcohol free, since most hair sprays dry my hair out a lot, this one didn't! It seems to hold curl pretty well and doesn't leave my hair feeling stiff at all. I do live in a dry climate though, I don't think this would hold up well in a more humid climate.

Hawaiian Tropic Island Sport SPF 30 Lotion: I haven't tried this yet because it hasn't been too hot around here yet. I am pretty familiar with the Hawaiian Tropic brand though, it is one my mom usually bought and it is one of the few sun screen brands that actually works for me. I obviously can't say yet how well this specific one works though. I'm interested in trying it next time I'm around the pool or something! It does have a nice scent and doesn't have that typical sun screen smell.
COVERGIRL Colorlicious Lipstick: It's not my favorite color, definitely not something I would pick out on my own, but not too bad either. It is very smooth and creamy, which is nice. It wasn't drying on my lips like some other lip sticks can be. I also like that it is more of a matte color, not shimmery or glittery. I would definitely check out the other colors!
Marlowe No. 022 Body Butter: I really liked that this lotion was natural and didn't have a bunch of crap in it. It rubbed in really well and wasn't at all greasy. It's so hard to find good lotion that isn't really greasy! I liked the packaging too. It has a nice look and tells you everything you need to know about the product in one place without looking cluttered. 

CeraVe Healing Ointment: I usually avoid products that contain petroleum. I mean, you wouldn't rub gasoline on yourself, so why is it okay in beauty products? But, beside that point, I did try this with an open mind and didn't really care for it. Despite the fact the container says it has a non-greasy feeling, I thought it felt greasy and it didn't rub in very well. It didn't smell at all, which was a plus. 

Honestly though, if you truly wanted a product like this, I think you would be better off with just Vaseline. Price-wise, this is kind of expensive ($15.00 for 5oz.) and it really wasn't any better than any other less expensive option out there.
Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes: I thought these wipes worked pretty well. I used them to remove my makeup and they were fine. They didn't leave my skin feeling sticky or dry or anything. The wipes themselves are thick and very soft. 
Overall, April's beauty box was pretty good! I actually liked most of the products! 

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?


  1. The pale shades in make-up samples are usually too dark for me too, so I know that frustration all too well! And I don't love Korean sheet masks either. I want to love them because they're supposedly so amazing, but they're hard to get on/keep on your face! That alone makes me not want to use them, in spite of all the benefits, haha. And I usually avoid flashy lipstick shades myself, but that one looks great on you! :)

  2. Every time I try a foundation sample, they're too dark! #whitegirlproblems haha. I'm not really a fan of flashy lipsticks either; I like the idea of them, but I don't really have the lifestyle for it I guess. Running to Trader Joe's or something doesn't really require fancy lipstick lol. Thanks for the compliment! :)