Monday, May 2, 2016

Ikea haul

While we were in Seattle we made a stop by the Ikea in Renton. We all really like Ikea, and there's always something we need from there! 

Here's what I picked up while we were there:
MARIETORP Frame, black - I got a poster for Christmas and needed a frame for it, and this was the closest size I could find. It was even on clearance!
VIRSERUM Frame, dark brown - My frame is black, but for some reason the black is not listed online. I really like Ikea picture frames, they're pretty inexpensive but they still look nice. Their picture ledges are great too!
FULLFÖLJA Notepad, white - A notepad with polka dots? I couldn't pass that up! I always write notes and stuff, so it will definitely be well used!
FARLIG Pitcher with lid, clear glass - I had been looking for a pitcher like this for a while now, so I was glad to finally find one! I think the square size will fit better in the fridge. And I think it will be perfect for cold brewed coffee in the summer!
VARDAGEN Carafe with lid, clear glass - I really like this jar! The rubber lid has a nice, tight fit (I wouldn't recommend holding it upside down when there's water inside or anything, I'm not sure if it would hold.) but it won't come off easily either! I think I'll have to pick up a couple more of them next time we go. 
LJUSÖGA Duvet cover and pillowcase(s), flower - And last but not least I picked up this pretty duvet! I got a comforter about a year ago (They don't sell the same one anymore, but this one looks about the same.) I really wanted a cooler comforter, especially for during the summer and it's pretty nice. 

I kind of liked the look of just a white comforter, but I also kind of wanted a duvet. I saw this and thought it might be too busy of a pattern, but I really like it!

And for the record, I have a queen sized bed, but since Ikea's beds are European sized, (meaning they are smaller than American sized beds) the king sized comforter worked better on my queen sized bed.

We also made sure to pick up some cookies, a few pieces of furniture and some other random things.

Do you have any Ikea favorites?

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