Friday, September 30, 2016

Five for Friday

Hello and welcome to my Five for Friday! I am linking up with Cup of Tea , Della Devoted , and Bright on a Budget!

1. So I ended up at Walmart a little while ago (I really don't like going in there!) But my mom wanted some canning jars so we stopped by because it was closest. And what was right down the same aisle? This cute mug! (I only bought one mug, I couldn't find the listing for the single mug. It was $4 something for just one.) I couldn't help myself. It's pretty huge, but I really liked the pattern and I can definitely use it to put stuff in. I've never been a fan of the Pioneer Woman blog or anything but all of the kitchen stuff is so pretty!
2. I finally started using Instagram Stories! I had been debating about it for a little while, but it's actually kind of fun to use! I've been trying to post more of my DSLR photos to Instagram, but I also like just posting random day-to-day stuff, so Stories works out perfectly so I can do both! You can follow me here!

3. I got last Friday off (I never get Friday's off!) and it was so nice! While it's not going to be so great on my next paycheck, I got so much done! I always plan on doing stuff over the weekend, but never get everything done that I want to do. But I ran errands, finally tried the gluten-free cookbook I've been meaning to use, did some reading, commented on blogs and replied to comments, made a fun dinner (breakfast for dinner is always great!) worked on some blog posts, and watched some TV! It's really good feeling productive! 

And then Saturday I did nothing. Ha!

4. I put myself on the Sephora Play! waiting list several months ago and then forgot about it. I finally got the email that there was an opening so I thought I would give it a try! I'm very interested in seeing what I get in my first bag! Has anyone else tried it? What did you think? I'm curious to see how it stacks up against Ipsy. I don't plan on staying subscribed to both, I'll have to see which one I like better! Ipsy just hasn't been all that great for me. It just seems like they really don't pay any attention to my style profile. I review every product I get on their site, and they still keep sending me things I don't want. I really like being able to try new products, but I hate feeling like I'm wasting my money!
5. In case you missed it, I shared some pictures of our visit to La Push, WA, as well as a review of the Gluten Free For Good cookbook
Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. I try to avoid Walmart too but that mug is so cute! And another blogger posted a super cute mug and it was also from there! And yet another blogger who hates Walmart too said she found a super cute fall fox sign there... Fridays off are seriously the best. I feel like I can be productive that day and then just have fun or relax the other two days! Have a great weekend!

  2. Ooh Walmart. I'm terrified of Walmart, haha! (I don't think it helps that the one closest to me is off this confusing highway/road, so I avoid that whole shopping center!) But that mug is super cute! I love the dainty leaf pattern! I should check out Instagram Stories one of these days... I'm good with posting a single picture or video on IG, and that's it apparently, ha! And I've never heard of Sephora Play! I'm curious to see what you get!

  3. It's always so nice to have a day off! I'm so looking forward to Columbus Day, just so I can have a long weekend. Also, La Push looks so beautiful!

    Sarah //

  4. I love a good floral pattern, so I just could't pass it up! And all of the Pioneer Woman stuff is really cute! Exactly! It was really nice to just be able to nothing the rest of the weekend instead of knowing I needed to do stuff but then not doing it!

  5. I totally understand that! There's certain shopping centers I won't go to because they're a pain to get back out of (you know the ones where there is no traffic light you can only turn one way and it's the way you don't need to go. So then you have to find a place to turn around but you can't make a u-turn. It's frustrating me just thinking about it!) I haven't posted to Stories very often, but it is fun! I need to play around with some of the features like the drawing stuff. Sephora Play is fairly new, so I'm interested to see what I get too!

  6. It really is! It's amazing what a long, relaxing weekend will do for you! La Push was really pretty! I'm glad we were able to go when it was such a nice day too!