Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Decoration Home Tour

Since Christmas is already this Sunday (!!!) I thought I would share some pictures of our Christmas decorations! I like seeing how other people decorate their houses for Christmas, so I thought it would be fun to share how we decorate.

We have quite a few decorations, and my mom does a great job decorating the house. My mom really likes snowman stuff, so we really have more snowman stuff that actual Christmas stuff. But, it makes it nice since we can leave it up after Christmas too!
Merry Christmas!


  1. Aww, I love all the snowmen!!! I also love those snowflakes hanging in the window--so pretty! And I want those HP ornaments and the penguin ones!!!

  2. My mom totally has the same snowman logic: "Well, I can leave those guys out all winter!" haha Your house is so festive! I think we have some of those penguin ornaments, are they from the Hallmark store? And my mom used to have a ton of Dickens Village stuff! Not sure if that's the same set you have, but it totally took me back to my childhood (when I was constantly being told not to play with the Dickens Village figures--especially after the pretzel seller turned up with a broken hand oops!)

  3. They're definitely cute! I'm just glad my mom likes snowmen and not Santa. We knew some people that collected Santa stuff and they literally had hundreds of Santa things all over their house! It was super creepy to have Santa staring at you everywhere you went! The HP ornaments and penguins are all from Hallmark! I've seen them all on Amazon. I'm pretty sure the HP ones are really expensive now (we got them a couple years ago) but the penguin ones were not too expensive.

  4. Haha! Why not, right? They are from Hallmark! I could never really find an ornament I wanted, so the penguins became my go to. They're definitely cute! My mom got her Christmas village from Kohl's. It's Saint Nicholas Square I believe. Although all the Christmas villages look pretty much the same!