Monday, June 1, 2015


We drove over to my grandparents house over Memorial day weekend. We hadn't seen them since last summer, and we had been trying to get over there to visit for a while. But then with everything that happened with my dad, it just didn't happen. It was so nice to finally go over and see them!

We left on Thursday, and it took us almost 10 hours (yes, 10 long hours!) to get there! Fortunately the weather was nice.
Friday afternoon, my mom, sister and I drove over to my mom's cousin's house. My mom hadn't seen her for years and Hannah and I had never met her, although we have been facebook friends for years. It was so great to finally meet in person! I really enjoyed chatting and hearing all of the stories she had to tell! (If you haven't figured it out already, I love hearing stories!)

Every Memorial day, my grandparents go around and leave flowers on the graves of family members and friends who have passed away. So on Saturday, they took my mom, Hannah and I with them. It was interesting hearing all of the stories and learning some family history. 
My grandpa was driving and took us all over the area. He showed us where he grew up, where my great grandma went to school, and even the house my grandparents lived in after they were first married. It was pretty interesting seeing all of those things!

Hearing all about the family got me thinking about my grandparents. So then I started thinking about pictures and I realized I had never seen any pictures from when my grandparents were first married. So once we were back at their house my grandma brought out some old photo albums filled with old pictures! 

It was so cool seeing all of my grandpa's school photos growing up, pictures of my grandma as a little girl, as well as pictures of my great aunts and uncles.
My grandma is on the right and her sister Ellen is on the left.
My grandma is on the left, her sister Ellen is on the right, and their dad is in the middle.

I was very excited to learn some family history, hear all of the stories, and see all of the pictures! 

We spent the remaining few days at my grandparents spending a lot of time talking. Which is always good! 

On Monday afternoon, we headed up to Seattle because we wanted to stop by Ikea before heading home. We picked up a few things, went to Panera for dinner, and then spent the night in a hotel before heading home the next morning.

The weather wasn't too bad until we got near Idaho where there were severe thunderstorms and heavy rain. It was raining so hard you almost couldn't see the road! It was pretty crazy. 

We had a fun time and hope to go back over to visit sometime again this summer.

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